Bloodlines [2015]

by Vain Velocity

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Recorded, mixed & mastered by Joe F.K. at "Viral Works" and Fireball Music Studio".


released October 20, 2015

Special thanks to Gus Drax for lending us his killer licks on "End It All".



all rights reserved


Vain Velocity Thessaloniki, Greece

Formed in 2008, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Vain Velocity is:

Joe F.K. - Vocals
Panos - Guitars
Anastasis - Guitars
Petros - Bass
Constantine - Drums

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Track Name: Bloodlines

Wake me up and then set me out
I’m the breed of infective lies and contagious blood

No one there to believe in tales
Of a nihilist tearing down what you’re fighting for

Heading straight into another plane
And the freedom of choice is fed to the rag-and-bones

Air is thin, like the deadened skin
It could be what you left behind on your way out

Night and day we crawl and die…

We can escape from this nightmare
Set forth, into the fall of our bloodlines, still blinded by fear

Wake me up and then pull me in
To a spree of disciples sained by the holy cross

No one there to believe in tales
Like the “real you” left so blind on your way out

We can escape from this nightmare
Set forth, into the fall of our bloodlines, still blind
By the scare of our own true nightmares
Setting forth into war with my bloodlines, still blinded by fear

Degrees of aching me
I’m the savior

This fear has taken me all the way
So wake me up…
Track Name: Mannequin

Clear as daylight, she pleads to guilt
A toy to free this vile, to unearth the filth

She paints the outside in colours of grey
And blends her soul with mine to divide the pain


Brave - So I dare and leave a hole
Brave - So wild, dead and beautiful

Here I reign, I’m still like you, my king
To know, to feel something

Cruel emotions reversed to none
A man-to-beast design, never seen undone

She dressed me lifelike, in layers of gold
A cloak to veil this sight from her eyes of scorn


Brave - So I dare and leave a hole
Brave - So why care? I’m beautiful

Here I reign, I’m still like you, my queen
To know, to feel obscene [right here]

My demons are rogue
Her demons were angels
Track Name: Scoff

Come with me
I will lift you above the sky
Like I did before

Once again
Until our faces intertwine
Like a feeling sore

So hold on me, just a night to feel second best
For all I care, just define what is real
Say it now

God I feel alive

Hold your fire
I will make you a shooting star
What did you have in store?

Of all the times
You have taken me on your side
What are you bleeding for?

God I feel alive
So alive…
Track Name: You're Safe Now

No sound inside
The screaming is over now
Call out the knives
I’m jaded and pulled around

Pray he won’t come back in, like a prodigal
A tempered fiend molding truth to shine
[Come] deal with it, leashed animal
A cracked human shield on his side

One last chance gone, a waste of life
To throw it all someday
One more step left to make it right
Afford to live this way

Voices subdued
And moments are biblical
The love tied a noose
A stifling umbilical device
Track Name: End It All [feat. Gus Drax]

I made no mistake this time
It's not about what you had in mind
It’s simple

It’s not a state of life
To be part of the great design
A symbol

Welcome to my end, this is the chance to make us whole
We are the same kind, reaching the sky we end it all

Now and then
I scream out and question: “Why rebellion?”

Holding hands
I will not give a single dime

Maybe to trespass in our temper ain’t the matter here
I'm out of breath before it feeds itself, I know it now
For every wasted life
For every second time
‘Cause there ain’t nothing I can make for who I am