Emerge & See [2013]

by Vain Velocity

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Mixed & Mastered by Joe F.K.


released May 1, 2013

Stratos “The Klone” Klonaridis, Lyberis “Limbo” Pouskouris, George “Pougas Jr”, Alex “Shawn” & Katerina, Alkis Kehagias, Pola Papadopoulou, Vaso “F.K.” Triantafyllou, Afedo & Zack, Dimitra, Valasia & Lakis, Pantelis Kaltsos, Christos Machairas, Aggeliki Ducky, Thanos Ntakis, Marina Xyp, Dennis “The Menace” Konstantinidis, Theo Hitiris, Zoe Karapostoli, Joanna Mns, George & Babe Politi, Christos & Dimitra, the Kapetanopoulou family, Salim, Tilemachos & Maria, Michael, Apostolos, Kostas & Tessie, Nik Logiotatidis, George “Doubs” & Sofi, Chris Keliouris, Alex Perts, Petros “Dreez” Askitis, Dionysis & Giota, Dimitris Vavatsis, Chelsea Ruth Morelock & Brit Steer, Katerina Karampetsou, Iris Georgiadou, Non Sap Visuals, Panagiotis Labis (Art of Wood), Johnny Vrahnos & Silver Dollar music stage, Zachos music store, KG Guitars store, Antonis Antonopoulos, and last but not least, all the fans, friends, influential personalities and bands for their silent, yet significant contribution.

We would especially like to thank Panos Skarlatos for composing the score to “Dysnomia” and the Xpause Quartet for bringing it to life.
A special thanks to Stelios Pliakas for being the perfect mercenary.

Photography: Thomas Parpoulas (Jesus! Photography)
Model: Magda Duma



all rights reserved


Vain Velocity Thessaloniki, Greece

Formed in 2008, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Vain Velocity is:

Joe F.K. - Vocals
Panos - Guitars
Anastasis - Guitars
Petros - Bass
Constantine - Drums

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Track Name: The Collector
Track Name: To Skip An Age
So let’s pretend it’s over and left behind
Into this moment of disclosed oversight
We’ll race until our wings flame up into the clouds
And fly until we breathe on these higher grounds

Damned by our inner silent suicide
The riddance of our sake
Down with a weak and violent civil war
The wrinkles of my age fade

Set to rights…

Drop dead, you’re older, face to the floor (you’re dragging me)
Into a game of choice I can’t set the score (it’s puzzling me)

Set to rights, mind the gap in your head
And fill its blank spot with chemical desire
Validate my constant pain with rules unfair to trail
Life is divine, I can feel its oblique design

Hope is gone now
You deserve what your eyes can’t deny
Track Name: WhoreMoans
Starting up my engines and I give into this trance
Swallowed my entire self by the aura of your stance

Host of viral trust you can not hold me down
I will live to see the defilement spreading around

Holding on this grudge, it’s my word against your will
Hostage to your temple like a witness to your kill

Shine as a bright star, wasted at dawn
Wake the sun quietly
Nights of the hunted, days on the run
Take the fall patiently

Ghost of ire let me be your enemy
I relate to your idle strain
Host of viral trust you can not hold me down
I will live to see the defilement spreading around

I cannot breathe in my own grave
I cannot be your enemy
Track Name: Emerge & See
I’ve lost my powers, through endless hours of countless days
Remember my name? We lost the same game in different ways

I revolve engaged to a nameless time
I am the sign that leads you
I emerge and see as a ghost in fright
I’ll hide in this moment with you now

I’ll close my eyes and embrace the silence, for years to come
Remember my face? We burned the same place and called it home

It’s always the few and self-orientated pests taking turns into the play

It’s the separated ways we’ve taken
Always leading to the place we’ve forsaken
We’re fading over time…
Track Name: Vinegar
Fall like an angel with flesh and bones
Crawl as an infant into my throne
Lock your defiance away from all
Wait, rebate your angle and let me in

Strange sour taste, I have sworn to this day
I won’t decide it’s over, before I clean my stains

Run, try to keep your pace stable, despite of all you let go
I mocked your words, I laughed at your cries
Instead of fighting you craved for more
You’re taken for granted again and again

So this is real now
It’s not where you wanted to end up or start over
And this is clear now
Not every moment will gift you with wine and feel sober

Again and again, you laughed and I cried…
Track Name: Bona Fides
Is it faith that you fear when you compromise?
Are you cold and afraid that you can’t let go?

Fate unfolds her twisted frame, draws near, calling my name
I kneel before her infallible stain

Morbid silhouettes of my waking hour, bleeding all I am
Pilgrim of our race with a weary vision, justify my way
Morbid silhouettes of my waking hour, bleeding all I am
Pilgrim of our world hold this weary vision, just to find my way

Is it truth that disputes your faith in whole?
Does it point out who you are and what’s in store?

God is sought up in the sky and Death has given me the eye
I cringe when it comes to pick sides

I can feel you even closer breathing down my neck
Is it time for me to go?
Go, get it done…
Track Name: Vice Samples
Blame your oversight, you let go of your own ambition
Close but not quite, to bloodlines of greed and inhibition

Father sell our game, the cities of termites confront demise
Both and the same, there is no place today for genuine vice

No matter of better, just stick to the letter
Of color and fabric and binary gore
Unbind the conceptions of shackle and tether
In festering glory and beautiful war

Bring it all down and let me breathe
Stolen words out of your mouth sound wrong

No wonder, the wonder of cold and of colder
Monotony murders the variant spice
No failure as black as the worship of order
Still no place today for a genuine vice

Away for too long
The more I’ve seen, the less I’ve known, believe me
I’m surrounded by your scent, your intent
I feel empty
I’m coming home

But don’t wait for me, don’t wait for me
Don’t wait for me, don’t fuck with me...
Track Name: Choreography
Years blindfolded, I stride
The trip became a long shot for silence
Here lies your true self-pride
Quick on the steps, not sold but guided

You make your moves and tear right through my skin
And yet I lie still
You shape the room, so beautiful within
And yet I can not feel

Slowly I rise and fall down
The sudden feel of risk, the twist of violence

You’ve turned into a pale disguise of me
And yet I can not see
You float in gloom and light the mood to sin
And yet I can not feel

Years blindfolded, I stride
Slowly I rise and fall down
Track Name: One Look Across
You wasted a long way to find what’s left of you
For one look across that’s just a point of view
You’ve been up ahead, on your knees, on the floor again
Don’t make up a lie you cannot disguise

You're free to miss the damage done
In present perfect, the bleeding seldom fades
So will you let the vision become
Pale understanding and winding bitter days?

The treadmill of hope rewinds itself intoned
You fell for the oldest hoax since time was known
You made it on time for the moment to draw the line
Don’t start up a war to settle the score

You wasted a long way from where you come
The treadmill of hope rewinds itself intoned
Track Name: Junkie Spoon
This hole feels like home
You didn’t bring me here by accident or design
The stain feels my own
What little you don't violate, I'm left to pierce in time

It takes only one to know the difference between
It takes only once to show the ugliness inside

Why can’t we erase ourselves and redefine?
Stand still, let it all begin and lead us to the start

This spoon feels so deep,
We can no longer swim across the boundary line
I burned up this scene
The residue of ever-failing vows and all that still resides
Track Name: Lanthanum
And as we reach our final shed
And as we leach into the treads
We veil

Feel the tension at my doorstep
Real affection turned to warfare

Pain comes to life, remember
Pain comes to light

Time reveals it all, the secrets brawl
Waiting for the gun, the halo
Time conceals it all, the secrets crawl
Yearning for the gun, the halo

And as we teach ourselves to scold
And as we preach to ears unsold
We fail

Feel the tension at my doorstep
Real affection turned to warfare

Days come to life, remember
Days come to light, forever

I go back and forth into spirals unknown
I need to be you, kill you, free you entirely
Together we stand and divide…
Track Name: Dysnomia
I’ll go down when the rivers won’t flow, when the sea has run all dry
I’m closing up for the final act, I’m gonna change my mind
Here I come so don’t forget my name, I won’t stay long
Pay respect to how I’ve taught you well, rebuilt you once more

Self-restrained emotions is what I’ve become
Don’t try to talk me into ways of reassuring my oblivious state

I’ll go down when the sun is out cold, when affliction’s all we’ve learned
I’m closing in like a fire’s thirst, I’m gonna wait my turn
Here I come so don’t forget my name, I won’t last the end
Pay respect to how I’ve taught you well, rebuilt you again...